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Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

Agnes Scott College

University of the Arts - Philadelphia

University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Tennessee Technical University

Students have participated in:

Knoxville Symphony Youth Orchestra

Tennessee All-East Senior Clinic

Tennessee All-East Junior Clinic

Arizona Northwest Regional Festival 

Arizona All-State Festival

Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra


"Kari was my violin teacher for over 8 years, I could not of asked for a more knowledgeable or personal person. She is committed to the success of each one of her students and eloquently communicates to all ages and skill levels. She helps her students think critically and thoughtfully while giving them a broad understanding of music." - Elena (Class of 2010)

"My two children were Kari's students for over ten years, and both benefited immensely from Kari's teaching.  She has an uncanny knack for tailoring her teaching style to the individual student (my children could not be more different from each other), as well as keeping the material fresh and engaging.  Both of my children have continued to play as they have approached adulthood (my daughter is in her college orchestra, and my son is leaning toward a career in music), and I have to believe that it was Kari's guidance and encouragement that got them through the years when most students quit playing (and most adults wish they hadn't).  If she were still in our town, we would still be taking lessons at her studio." - Kelly

"I can say, without hesitation, that Kari Lapins is far and away one of my favorite teachers (in any subject). She is dedicated and enthusiastic, and inspires those traits in the students who are lucky enough to have her. Kari challenges her students, but is always encouraging and receptive. I have made a lot of friends over the years who started playing violin in Suzuki programs. Many of them quit. When they ask me why I never did, the answer's pretty simple. I had Kari. I didn't want to stop taking lessons, and I especially loved the opportunities Kari offered in exploring fiddle music.

Even as an adult I still want to take classes from her. I also have Kari to thank for my love of Celtic music, a love that led me to pursue a study abroad program in Ireland. Through Kari I discovered session culture, and a world of wonderful people and amazing music I wouldn't trade for the world.

From the very first lesson that I had with Kari (as a fourth grader), I felt I was being given the best tools to become a violinist. I was constantly encouraged but given structure, Kari strikes an amazing balance ideal for kids of any age. 

Over time she has helped me to become a stronger musician and a more well rounded person. If you're looking for a teacher that you or your children will respect, look up to and love for years to come- look no further. Take a lesson from Kari, you'll be glad you did!" - Sierra (class of 2012)

"Kari accepted me as an older adult beginner with bad habits.  She patiently worked with me to fix my bow hold and improve my technique and tone. I gained something from every lesson and can now play in public without shame. Kari fueled my love of the violin with her own passion and artistry, enabling a lifetime of musical pleasure." - Kathleen

"Kari is a wonderful violin teacher! For almost a decade, she has been providing weekly lessons for both of our sons. Her structured and fun lessons are based on the Suzuki methodology and teaching strategies. With that implied, both students and parents stay very involved in the process. Over the years, our boys have developed appreciation for music and also made significant progress in their violin skills. Kari is always flexible when it comes to setting up times and place for the lessons whether they are person-based or web-based. Even with miles away from where we live, we are continuing to learn with Kari via Skype/Facetime. In addition to lessons, Kari involves and provides opportunities for our boys to participate in out-of-town recitals, music camps, concerts, etc. We feel very fortunate to have her as a violin teacher!" -Natasha & John

 "Kari Lapins taught all four of my daughters how to play violin. She is very kind, patient and creative in her teaching methods and so involved in the music community. Her enthusiasm for music and teaching it to youth shines through in all that she does, from bringing Celtic music and fiddle classes to our children, encouraging them to perform in various events and venues, and bringing out the talent and joy for music that she finds in every student. In the true Suzuki spirit, Kari believes that "every child can." - Michele



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